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As a result of the emergence of COVID-19 in Spain and the recommendations received from the autonomous and central governments, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Intermodal Forwarding, and the Vasco Catalana Group in general, will take a serie of internal measures in order to contribute, as far as we can, to contain the spread of the virus and to protect the health of our staff and their families. Thus, as a first step, meetings, both internal and external, are postponed and our staff will inform you about new dates or they will try to change them to videoconferences or phone calls.

As a second measure, the office staff will be reduced to a stand-by team and the rest of personnel will carry out the usual tasks by teleworking, assuring the continuity of normal operations. This measure will last 15 days, which, depending on the circumstances, it could be extended or reduced.

All the landlines will keep operational, you also have a list of mobile phones below for your convenience in case of emergency, however, we recommend the use of email to contact us.

Our systems are prepared for the event of total confinement, so this measure should not affect significantly operations in progress or the ones in the coming days.

Thank you for your collaboration, we will keep informing.

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