“Towards the end of the previous summer, I embarked on an extensive journey tracing the East Coast of the United States, navigating from New York to Miami in the company of Raúl González, our company’s Sales Manager. This immersive venture yielded invaluable insights, significantly enriching our business operations and providing a profound understanding of North American logistics culture. Direct involvement in the US market facilitated a comprehensive comprehension of its distinct requisites and notable attributes.

Our foremost aim was to elevate the customer experience by deeply engaging with the logistics fabric of the United States. Beyond our customary meetings, our mission encompassed the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge, expansion of our business networks, and a nuanced grasp of the nuances inherent to the American market, all to enhance our service delivery for European clients.

The CEO, Mikel Lavín, and the Sales Manager, Raúl González, in Houston at Break Bulk 2023

Each city visited not only presented a strategic business opportunity but also served as a repository of profound wisdom that seamlessly integrated into our corporate odyssey. Despite the prevalence of a digital landscape, our interactions underscored the enduring importance of human connections within the United States. Our experience vividly showcased the spirit of solidarity among Americans, highlighting the pivotal role of human expertise in this market.

This experiential learning underscored the significance of cross-continental exchange of business acumen. It underscored the necessity of sharing logistical insights, underscoring the indispensable role individuals play within the logistics sector in fostering enduring business collaborations between Europe and America.”

Mikel Lavín, the CEO of Intermodal Forwarding