• With a staff of more than 25 professionals, the Basque company closes the year with a turnover of over 25 million euros and more than 300 clients around the world.
  • By 2023, they expect to triple the transport of goods by rail, more sustainable and aligned with the SDGs, to minimize pollution levels, road saturation and accident rates.

Bilbao, December 2022 – Intermodal Forwarding, a leading international freight forwarding company based in Santurtzi (Bizkaia), received recognition for the quality of its advanced management. On 14th December, at the Kursaal Palace in Donostia, it received the distinction in the form of a “Bronze A” as the first entity in the sector to accredit its commitment to quality in all its management processes. “For us it is a strong endorsement of the team of people who give life to the company: a trained, innovative group, with a strong social commitment and willing to accompany the customer to the end, solving all their needs,” said the CEO of Intermodal Forwarding, Mikel Lavín.

With a team of more than 25 professionals, they hope to close this year with a turnover of more than 25 million euros, with their own headquarters in Bilbao and Barcelona, as well as the Czech Republic to support all transport to Eastern Europe. The certificate of the Basque Foundation for Quality, Euskalit, endorses all its processes of continuous improvement in people management systems, innovation, social impact and customer service. “Within the Basque Group to which we belong, there is a strong culture of continuous quality and this certificate has helped us to ground it, systematize it and strengthen it,” say the company’s managers.

“For us it is a strong support to the team of people who give life to the company: a trained, innovative group, with a strong social commitment and willing to accompany the customer until the end, solving all their needs”.

Mikel Lavín, CEO of Intermodal Forwarding

Digitalised management, in real time and in 11 languages
This is how they have managed to become the first company in the logistics sector to be accredited for the quality of all its management processes in such a strategic area as the shipment of goods by land, sea and air. “We offer a service that is increasingly indispensable for today’s economy and increasingly sensitive to the world situation: for this reason, guaranteeing accredited quality systems gives us a great deal of security”, they recognise in such an unstable geopolitical context.

At the same time, the firm accredits with this distinction its process of continuous innovation to digitalise all the processes that allow incidents to be resolved in real time, remotely and by an experienced team with a command of more than 11 different languages.

“The key to Intermodal Forwarding has always been its agility and flexibility to provide a multimodal transport service: from the loading of large goods by sea to their coordination by different air, land and rail means until their final delivery”, they state from their headquarters in Bizkaia.

Commitment to sustainability: tripling the use of rail transport by 2023
The new challenges now involve moving forward with its sustainability plan to offer all its customers the most sustainable routes possible for their transport and logistics needs.

By next year, they plan to triple the use of the rail network in Europe and thus reduce pollution, accidents and road saturation. “Europe will soon force these percentages to increase and we are already helping our clients to increase their use”, they explain from their headquarters next to the port of Bilbao, open to the world and with the highest standards of quality in management.