We are specialised in the chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and aeronautical sectors, oversized cargo and industrial projects, steel and food industries.

We help our customers to improve their processes, saving costs, minimising incidents and opening markets. Shall we speak?

Oversized cargo and industrial projects

We have become experts in the handling and transport of oversized cargo for various industries such as energy, capital goods, oil & gas, aeronautics, construction, railroad, etc. for the past 50 years.

We have a specialist staff near you as well as a highly qualified team wherever you want to sell your product (Middle East, North & South America, Far East, South East Asia)

Ninety percent of the alternatives we have offered to our customers have been accepted. We have managed to minimise incidents by more than 75%.

For the tranquillity of our customers, our insurance policies provide full coverage of any merchandise value.

Automotive Sector

More than 25 years of expertise in this sector warrant us, with road, maritime and air shipments including Time Critical (AOG, OBC) with its own 24-hour staff. We know that optimisation, coordination, JIT and SGL are crucial items in the automotive industry.

We provide expeditious delivery services in order to reduce your stock and increase your sales. With real-time integrated outsourcing: you will have a reply to your inquiry within ten minutes.

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

We are specialists in shipments to drug and cosmetic laboratories, dealers, etc. We guarantee all security measures and GDP regulations in all phases and modes of transport.

Pharmaceutical and chemical shipments are performed with special attention, by minimising their exposure to uncontrolled temperatures, with a door-to-door service that reduces stock and increases productivity.

Steel industry

Transportation costs strongly affect this sector by posing significant constraints on the commercial activity of steel companies

We have been working with shipping companies that have expertise and ad hoc means in this sector for more than 20 years, which are located in specific geographical areas that are interesting for our customers.

Our staff in Central Europe can offer solid leads to our customers due to their knowledge of the sector.

We have redesigned our decades-long logistics services to several companies in order to expand the scope of their sales in new market niches.


At Intermodal Forwarding, we know the importance of innovation and safety, key strategic factors in the food and beverage sector, which is always in constant change.

Together with our customers, we adopt the food safety standards, the new business models and tailored solutions to meet global challenges

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