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Our personnel are experts in their field and passionate about logistics. Their challenge is to find the perfect solution for each shipment on a daily basis. If there is a better way to do it, we know it.

Mikel Lavín
Mikel LavínGeneral Manager
Naiara Diego
Naiara DiegoOperations Manager Sea/Air - Bilbao
Raúl González
Raúl GonzálezBranch Manager Sea/Air - Bilbao
Ismael Barriuso
Ismael BarriusoBPS & Quality Manager
Eduardo Gallastegui
Eduardo GallasteguiBranch Manager - Road
Peter Skalos
Peter SkalosRoad Operations
Oihana Prado
Oihana PradoAir/Sea Operations - Bilbao
Sandra Carmona
Sandra CarmonaAir/Sea Operations - Bilbao
Tamara Sáez
Tamara SáezSales Executive - Bilbao
Jone González
Jone GonzálezAir/Sea Operations - Bilbao
Gabriel Ibarra
Gabriel IbarraSales Executive - Bilbao
Ervina Catic
Ervina CaticRoad Operations
Laura Perera
Laura PereraBranch Manager - Barcelona
Juanfra Lanzas
Juanfra LanzasAir Manager
Raquel Molino
Raquel MolinoTraffic Department - Barcelona
Clara Perera
Clara PereraTraffic Department - Barcelona
Susana Ibañez
Susana IbañezTraffic Department - Barcelona
Jorge Cartes
Jorge CartesSales Executive - Barcelona

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