Intermodal Forwarding, S.L. (IFW) is a global logistic operator that offers multimodal international freight services. The Management of IFW is absolutely committed to Quality, Safety and Environment. For this reason, We consider essential the maintenance of a Quality System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, which integrates a Safety System in the supply chain based on the UNE-EN-ISO 28000: 2007 Standard and an Environmental Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 14001: 2015 Standard.

The Integrated Management System of Quality, Safety and Environment is a commitment by IFW for its continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, safety, pollution prevention and positioning in the market that is articulated as follows:

MISSION: Offer a service of intermediation and advice in transport and logistics to SMEs and large companies in the national / international scope with total transparency and flexibility under principles of maximum security and sustainability.

VISION: Offer an agile, flexible and transparent service comparable to the daily use of people and provided in a sustainable, safe, profitable way, close to the customer and market reference.

VALUES: Transparency, social responsibility, awareness of the environment, being a good place to work, innovation, efficiency and safety. According to the above, IFW’s quality, safety and environmental policy is based on achieving the following global objectives:

  • Compliance with legal requirements and other requirements that are considered in the different IFW services to its clients.
  • Full customer satisfaction, providing a service always in continuous improvement.
  • Commitment of employees to Quality, Safety and the Environment in their daily work.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the company’s activities.
  • Leadership of the company in the market for its competence, economic efficiency and recognized quality of service.
  • Guarantee a secure supply chain controlling the flow of goods and the security of information.

For this, the Management acquires the commitment to:

  • Lead the quality, safety and environmental system supporting the relevant roles that allow the achievement of the exposed objectives.
  • Establish objectives of quality, safety and environment in accordance with its policy, its risk management, customer focus and processes as well as its strategic plan.
  • Provide the necessary material, technical and human resources to achieve it.
  • Make the quality, safety and environmental system accesible to all interested parties to ensure compliance.
  • Review the quality, safety and environmental system periodically, improve it and control its operation and implementation by supporting it in the work of the Quality, Safety and Environment Manager.
  • Act with full transparency and comply with all legal and ethical standards that lead the organization to maintain the maximum levels of corporate social responsibility in any aspect considered, with express mention of the non-acceptance under no circumstances of any type of corruption.

For this, CEO and Management Board have the full collaboration of the staff, committing itself to follow as many instructions as derived from the Integrated Management System in order to offer the highest quality guarantee in the services provided and the social responsibility of the organization.

Santurtzi, 2018, January 1st
Intermodal Forwarding, S.L.
Mikel Lavín González